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Be at the centre of your birth experience

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Birth is an emotional and physical journey, both need to be considered as you prepare.

Our work focuses on putting you, the birthing person and your family at the heart of your unique experience.  Birth is multi-faceted, there is no ‘right way’ but finding the choices and tools that work for you can mean you are at the centre.

We’ll also support you to regain your confidence if you’ve previously experienced a traumatic birth.


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Supporting you through the emotional and physical transitions of birth

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we only offer our pregnancy and postnatal support online.

Have a look at our YouTube channel for guest tips and free resources, plus Facebook and Instagram

It’s a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space and we welcome all voices, choices and tools and please listen and share with each other respectfully.

Our real birth stories and blogs offer you wisdom and specialist advice to support you through pregnancy, birth and early weeks of parenting.

Your birth experience matters. 

Feel equipped with tools & information, so you can be at the heart of it.

real birth project

True reviews

We learned so much during the day, Sakina’s teaching approach is very calm and she uses various teaching techniques to help explore all aspects of hypnobirthing. We would recommend her and her course to anyone wanting to gain more knowledge and tips for dealing with labour and birth. – Rachel Bunney


This course changed my outlook on birth and beyond. It gave me a whole new set of tools, which I was able to use to birth my baby at home and then into parenthood. Sakina is a wonderful teacher who uses a very gentle and intuitive approach. I would recommend this course to all women and their birth partners! – Amalia A.


The real birth project is an incredible course and knowledgeable hypnobirthing platform for anyone that wants to better their knowledge for yourself and partners ahead of giving birth. – Yumi Palmer


My partner & I found Sakina’s Hypnobirthing course insightful, informative, comforting and empowering. There is a lot of helpful information delivered in a way that gives you time to digest without feeling overwhelmed and space to reflect what your choices and preferences may be.- Lowell Black


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