Real Birth Project

Birth is more than having a baby...

It's the remoulding of your body, mind & life.

Our Mission at Real Birth Project

Our mission at Real Birth Project is to positively impact the emotional and physical wellbeing experiences of birthing people and their families through the transitions of pregnancy, birth & parenthood.

Whether in pregnancy or after your baby is born our work focusses on these key areas:

Voices: Empowering and facilitating your voice throughout your journey as well as platforms for women and families to be heard and their experience validated.  The sharing of wisdom of birth experiences and reclaiming the narratives of birth for individuals and our society.

Choices: Giving you the information and support you need to make the decisions that are right for you and your family with confidence and without judgement.  There are no ‘right’ ways in our eyes, so we want to support you to make the choices that feel best for you at the time.

Practical Tools: We love tools! Something you can use to empower and improve your experience.  From practical Hypnobirthing to therapeutic tools postnatally, we want you to feel equipped and supported.  Tools allow you to feel empowered and put yourself at the centre of your experience.

We are a woman / birthing person centred organisation, inclusion, collaboration and 

Meet the Team

I’m Sakina, founder of Real Birth Project.

After a difficult first birth and pregnant again, I took a Hypnobirthing course as I wanted to see if there was another way.  I’ve learnt that birth isn’t just about the physical experience of having a baby but the quality of the experience, which impacts us and our families emotionally.  I’m passionate about making birth better for all by bringing the individuals into the centre of their experience.

I co-chair Croydon Hospital Maternity Voices Partnership, am a Service User Voice for NHS,  champion for the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and ambassador for Make Birth Better.

Sakina real birth project
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Our work includes

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