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Home birth story – first baby with Hypnobirthing Tools

Real Birth Story – Amalia’s First Home Birth & how she tuned into her choices and felt equipped with Tranquil Birth Hypnobirthing tools

What made you choose a home birth? 

I never really considered anywhere but home, I was partly inspired by my partner’s mother who had birthed all of her children at home. I was inspired by how she’d done it and how simple and wholesome it all seemed! I was really lucky to have that option, I spent a lot of time talking to the midwife about the safety of it all and didn’t really have any concerns when the midwife said I was good to go. Homebirth always felt like the choice for me. 

Did you have any concerns?

I guess in the back of my mind I did have some scary thoughts about potential things that could happen as I had a fibroid at one point and read about the possibility of haemmoragge. That worried be slightly but as the fibroid shrunk in pregnancy I felt okay again and I also really trusted the Homebirth team, I felt they wouldn’t let me take the risk if it wasn’t okay.  I was also aware we were 10 minutes from hospital, so could get there quickly if we needed to, I think if we’d lived further away I may have had different thoughts. 

Overall I felt very calm about a Homebirth, it was actually the thought of going into hospital that worried me.  Doing the Hypnobirthing course actually helped me come to terms with any possible outcome, I had my preferences of things I would prefer to avoid but felt that I could deal with any circumstance and in the moment I felt calm that I was informed and knew what the options were. 

What helped you during birth? 

I really liked being here [at home] just the two of us, in our own space which was familiar; the fact I could have a bath or just use my own toilet. 

Being able to walk around in the early stages in the living room and feel relaxed. 

Having the sound of K’s voice and hearing him go over some of Hypnoirthing scirpts made me feel very calm and supported.  Music was also very important and we would listen to the same tracks over and over again and that helped me feel calm and visualise. 

The breathing helped and even though we didn’t practice as much as I thought we would, all was okay and it really helped.  Once I got into it, I was doing it on autopilot and actually because I accidentally dropped by TENS machine in the bath about an hour in on [please don’t use your TENS with water] it was the only thing I was using for pain relief and it really saved me. 

How did you know birth was starting? 

A week before my estimated due date I became totally obsessed with baby coming and I thought I’m not going to make it to the day, baby needs to come before! I unnecessarily put all this pressure on myself… I started to become anxious about every twinge and would ask friends who would share their stories that didn’t resonate with me, so I didn’t have a set of guidelines about whether birth was starting. 

Eventually when it started I just knew. It was because the feeling was intense but I also got this overwhelming sensation that I was going to meet my baby soon and I just knew. 

It happened so differently to other stories I had heard, my waters didn’t break, I had a bit of a show that was like a light period and sent a pic to my midwife who was very understanding and said it may be the start but wasn’t sure. 

Even though I hadn’t had any of the big signs I just knew. 

So now when people ask me I just say you will know in your own way. 

I was privileged to work with Amalia and her birth partner as they prepared for birth on the Tranquil Birth course. Alongside Hypnobirthing, they were also supported by 1:1 care from the Crocus Home Birth team and a doula.

If you’d like to find out about the Tranquil Birth course that puts you in at the centre of your unique experience check out the feedback or get in touch.

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