First Time Hypnobirthing Birth Story – ‘We’ve Got This’

This beautiful and honest birth story is by a couple who used Tranquil Birth Hypnobirthing Tecnhiques for their first birth.
Annie & T gave birth at Chelsea and Westminster midwife led unit and the way they have made these tools practical is hightlighted so well in their story that they have kindly shared.
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So, we had a little girl 🙂  born at 5.29am and weighing in at 6lb4 so just a little little thing and only 1 day after her expected date, so pretty much on time.
She is absolutely adorable and we are adjusting to this new chapter, the last 6 weeks have gone past in a whirl wind, I can’t quite believe it, and she is stacking on the weight so all is good.
So, my labour and birth experience was wonderful ❤ it was a bit of a shock as my labour was pretty quick, to say the least.
 My waters broke at 12.30am on the Tuesday morning, i had been having mild period style cramps throughout the day but all fine. Then once my waters broke, things went up a gear or 2! I had, what I now know , as back labour? (who knew) so all the contractions were in my back and none in my front. So the process of each surge and the time between them became obsolete and I had contractions pretty much all the time with maybe a 10second gap before the next one. My ideas of putting on some comedy and relaxing into labour went out the window 🙂
We left to go to the hospital, about 1am ish, poor T, that was a bit of a drive, with me hanging on for dear life, with pics of my hot air balloons printed out on the dash,  we got to Chelsea in 20mins(!) and from there I had to wait a while walking up and down and then the MW checked me, I was 4cm (ithink) so had to wait 30more mins or so where we used the TENS machine (total godsend!) before heading to the birth room and I literally jumped in the water, gas and air freaked me out a bit as I felt like I lost control of my breathing, so just breathed through it and and I scooped up little one with my own hands just before 5.30am ❤
I think I was in the pool 2/2.5 hours, I had my birth plan at hand, 2 amazing MWs (1 student who was lovely) and T, dim lighting, lovely music and it was perfect, intense ;-), but perfect and nothing that us women couldn’t handle. The MW didntreally interact with us very much, she just let us do our thing but she was there with encouragement and loveliness, T was amazing throughout, constantly talking to me and rubbing my back.
Thank you for your lovely sessions and support with leading us into motherhood and fatherhood, it was invaluable and just learning to trust ourselves on this journey was a very empowering experience. We’ve got this. 🙂
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