What is Hypnobirthing?

A series of tools and techniques you can can use to feel more calm and confident in mind and body during birth.  Plus an understanding of the physical process of birth and your choices and rights.

Our courses make all these techniques practical and applicable in all birth spaces, without judgement on your choices, so you feel calm and confident at the centre of your experience.

Our Hypnobirthing Options

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all our work is now online

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Experience the audio relaxations with our free pregnancy MP3 audio download. Get yours here.

Plus check our method in this article from Which? They talked to us about our unique take on Hypnobirthing; making sure the focus is on supporting you, your choices and your experience.

Some popular questions...

At anytime in your pregnancy. If you start earlier you get more time to practice, prepare and enjoy. If you start later, you get a whole set of techniques to take into birth. Generally people look to take a course between 20-30 weeks but it’s never to early or late.

Yes you can! Hypnobirthing’s evidence base is largely around its analgesic affects but there many more anecdotally reported benefits. Because Hypnobirthing is using what is already within you, you can use it with all other pain relief. Our ethos at Tranquil Birth is use what you need to feel comfortable in your birth, just feel empowered to make it all work for you and that’s where we can help you to understand how it all works!

No, it’s useful however you’re birthing but the idea it’s for a type of birth is a common misconception about Hypnobirthing.  Our method has been to  take these useful tools and look at how to support all births with them, as we believe all birthing people deserve the best experience possible.  When you understand the process and have a toolkit at your disposal, you can create calmer and more confident birth in any situations. Check out some of our birth stories here that show the many ways Hypnobirthing can support birth. In our courses we look at ways to use the techniques in different birth spaces including caesareans.

The group course runs over a day with live teaching and peer group while the online course you take from home (or where ever you want) at a pace and time that works for you. There’s actually probably more that’s similar than different, you still get:

  • our unique hypnobirthing course content
  • ongoing support in the Facebook community including weekly teacher live Q&As
  • audios & resources including birth preferences template
  • options to add the online live antenatal course so you have a complete antenatal preparation AND a toolkit
  • offers & discounts from partners.

Our mission is to help every birthing person have the most empowering experience possible and to bring an understanding of the importance of a positive emotional journey to all families.  We’ve made the course affordable and accessible so it can reach as many people as possible.

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