The Important Role of Birth Partners with Hypnobirthing

The important roles Birth Partners play in Birth is really understood and empowered with Hypnobirthing courses.

The usual perception and sometimes the internal feelings of birth partners are people in the birthing space not knowing what to do and saying the wrong thing or panicking and fainting during birth.  Movies are particularly keen to portray birth partners like this and as there is often little focus or frame work for birth partners otherwise, it can be easy to see why the role seems a bit dud.

However that image is far from the reality.  In Hypnobirthing we talk a lot about the importance of the birth partner and it’s the reason we recommend people attend classes with birth partners, as you both need to feel empowered.

The first thing to note is that there are two environments for birth; the internal environment of women’s bodies that experience the physical changes AND then external birthing space.  This outer environment needs to be feel safe in order for the internal birth process to work well.

It’s this external birth space that is the domain of the birthing partner; who could also be considered ‘protectors of the birthing space’.  As a birthing birthing person progresses through birth and puts their attention inwards, getting into thier ‘birthing zone’ or ‘bubble’ they shouldn’t be disturbed or called to actively think and engage in the external space.  This is because we want to be quietening the neo-cortex logical part of the brain (we can use it if we need to) but it’s best to get into the older parts of the brain, the limbic systems.

Birthing partners can create a dark, safe and quiet space that allows oxytocin to flow, which helps the birth process, whether you are birthing vaginally or abdominally.  Often by thier presence they create a internal feeling of familiarity and safety for the birthing person, all of which are vital in creating positive experiences.

When birth partners are empowered with tools and knowledge can feel confident about taking on this role and being a vital part of the birthing team.  this makes the experience positive for them too, which is especially important if they are also a co-parent.

Hypnobirthing courses provide that vital information as well as the tools that partners can use to navigate their own emotional and physical journey.  Supporting others so fully requires our own cups to be full and for us to have tools to be able to help others but also ourselves.  Birth is emotional for birth partners, often they are the fathers in the room and the process is one they are so physically invested in whilst at the same time not going through.  Understanding the process and having tools to help women really empowers partners to be the vital part of the process that they actually are.

We know that birthing people, like all birthing mammals intuitively want a safe space that feels familiar and calm.  When choosing your birth partner you have almost certainly intuitively chosen the person that creates this for you in everyday life, someone who you feel protected by and connected to.  Their importance can’t and shouldn’t be under-estimated.

Evidence shows that women have better birth experience with a continuity of carer (i.e. the same people looking after them through pregnancy into birth and beyond).  In practical terms that is not always offered through hospitals but can be offered through our birth partners, especially when they feel informed and empowered.

If you are considering using Hypnobirthing tools in birth, your birth partner is also the person who will help and coach you if your mind wonders, guiding you back to a place of calmer confidence; all possible and very effective if they know the tools.

Finally we all need a cheerleader through any physical process, birth partners offer this and when they have effective techniques such as affirmations, massage, breathing, relaxations they can really offer that boost. Imagine running 10k (that’s a long way in my mind) at some point you are likely to hit a mental block, having a crowd cheer you on can be the boost you need to push through and the same applies for a well equipped and confident birth partner.

Hypnobirthing courses offer a time to work together, learn together and have tools practice and use together in birth.  Clear defined roles and expectations, worked through during pregnancy so that you and your birth partner can enter into birth feeling calm, connected and confident.

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