I’m Taking a NCT Course, Should I do Hypnobirthing as Well?

As a Hypnobirthing teacher this is something I get asked a lot and of course I’m bias and am going to say yes but for good reason and here’s why.

NCT is great and I have the greatest respect for the charity which in the 1970s changed the landscape of birth for many women, championing women’s rights and automony in birth, the legacy of that work continues today as we continue to build on their amazing work after the medicalisation of birth which started in the 1940s.

I really see Hypnobirthing as the next stage and evolution to this journey in birth as it offers all the brilliant evidence based information you may get on a NCT class but also crucially (and I say this with experience) grounding techniques to support and give you something practical and tangible tools to use through the physical and emotional journey of birth.  This is such a big part of experience, having something you can actively use and feel in control of, at a time we naturally feel vulnerable.

As well as the tools, here at Tranquil Birth I’ve put my knowledge and understanding of birth trauma and empowered birth together with over 100 women’s voices to consider what do we really need to know when preparing for birth. I want you to actually understand what’s happening in birth and how we can make these tools easy and realistic to use in any birth situation, after all we are preparing not predicting, so want to make that prep rounded as possible.

I’m going to share my personal journey as it’s influenced the Tranquil Birth Courses I’ve created.  In my first birth I took an NCT course with my partner and I was all up for a natural birth, I ended up having a difficult experience and knew in the midst of that labour ‘there is another way’ (those words actually and truly ran through my mind during a surge) I just didn’t know what it was.  I knew that neither me or my partner had anything to practically help us and I founds alot of those tools I had intuitively taught when I learnt Hypnobirthing 2 years later as I prepared for my second birth.

The reason I didn’t take look more into Hypnobirthing while I prepared for my first birth? One, I thought I had the whole relaxation thing covered as was taking pregnancy yoga (brilliant but very different) and also time and money.  We had 6 weeks of NCT and had paid over £300, with all the other expenses of a baby and working full time it didn’t seem worth it – especially because I thought I had it covered!

When I started Tranquil Birth it was to support others in having a better experience than I did that first time and so I created the one day course, designed to sit alongside NCT or similar antental education AND crucially connect the toolkit with what you learn in an antenal education course, so you can bring it all together and consider your birth; which by the way is as unique as you are.  It was really important that time and money weren’t a barrier in having practical tools that can really help your emotional journey through birth , which I know from my work as a birth trauma therapist is often overlooked in preparation, and having all the benefits a Hypnobirthing course could bring.  The one day course is full of resources and taught in groups of 4-6 pairs and is just £150 with everything included and the online course Hypnobirthing Online is just £30 – yes you read that right, just £30!

I also wanted to cover the areas traditional antenatal courses and NCT didn’t, so we look at emotional wellness tools, relationships, birth partners, stress points, caesareans alongside all the Hypnobirthing tools and the evidence based choices and information so have adapted my courses so you get all the Hypnobirthing tools and a whole lot more too!

So please do consider taking a course that gives you practical tools as well as information, because information without application is empty and this is especially true in a beautiful, powerful and vulnerable space like birth.

If you’re not sure still, then check out this review that a couple recently left on google:

Brilliant course. We did NCT course prior to the hypnobirthing course with Sakina. The hypnobirthing was a million times better. Sakina was an excellent teacher and created a welcoming atmosphere from the outset and throughout. The lessons from the course are very practical and easy to understand. Would highly recommend!

If you’re still on the fence about what’s the right choice for you, I totally understand and I’m the same.  You can’t make a wrong decision so go with your gut and if that’s not helping do both! A NCT course plus one of the Tranquil Birth techniques courses, either in person or online.

Not sure you’d actually like the feeling or the tools? You can try out the free audio download here

If you’d like to chat more about this and find out if Hypnobirthing or one of our courses would work for you, please get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you, what did you choose for your antental education / preparation and why?  Please share in the comments below.


Sakina Ballard is a KGH Hypnobirthing teacher and Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner who has featured on BBC and Which? talking about the importance of birth preparation. www.tranquilbirth.co.uk

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