Maddison’s Real Birth Story | Be equipped but flexible, Birth can be positive

Maddison shares birth wisdom about having tools such as mindful pregnancy and hypnobirthing techniques but also keeping an open mind that birth may unfold differently.
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Where & how was your baby born? Was it as you expected and did you have any support / tools?


In hospital – via induction followed by a vaginal birth. Baby’s heart rate dropped rapidly due to myself dilating too quickly so she came into the world with the help of a vacuum and about 5 pushes. Birth was definitely different to what I expected. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a lot more traumatising. My husband was an amazing support in the moment as were a handful of the midwives. I had also done some ‘mindful pregnancy’ reading which touched on Hypnobirthing, so I followed some tips and tricks to help get me through e.g. breathing techniques and calming thoughts.
What are your top tips for others going through birth?
I think heading into birth with minimal expectations can help. I think a lot of woman put a lot of pressure on themselves to ‘do it naturally’ or ‘without any pain relief’ and end up feeling disappointed if the outcome was different. I would be very open-minded and keep in mind that things don’t always go to plan…. but that’s okay! Also – pack lots of heavy duty pads in your hospital bag! I was VERY surprised by the amount of blood loss in the days to follow. I feel that was one of the main things I wish someone had of warned me about prior. Always remember to check in with your midwife/Dr if you feel something isn’t quite right.
What aspects of your journey are you most proud of and / or did you enjoy?
Throughout my pregnancy I suffered from HG from week 5 through to my induction day at 39 weeks – To think that I was able to survive that long being so sick AND bring a healthy little human into the world – amazing! Also, despite my baby’s heart rate dropping rapidly due to dilating so quickly, creating quite a bit of drama and urgency to birth her, I quite enjoyed birth. I had put so much expectation on myself and what birth would look/feel like and to my surprise it was totally different – in the best way possible.
If you could do anything differently what would it be?
I think I would trust my ‘mum/body instinct’ more. There were times throughout my birth that I tried to speak up about something to my midwife and they would brush it off as something different, so I’d let it go. E.g. I felt an urge to push after just being assessed at 4cm dilated. I was told to under no circumstance push because I couldn’t have progressed that quickly (roughly 15 mins after). I was dismissed twice within the space of about 15 minutes and after finally getting through to the midwife, they checked and I was, in fact, ready to push. Listen to what your body is telling you ladies! We are very in tune with our bodies.
What helped you?
My husbands incredibly calm demeanour – he definitely helps to level out my stressful side. It also helped knowing that after all the pain and discomfort I’d get to hold my beautiful new baby.
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