Parent Meet-ups

So you’ve had your baby and now are facing a whole new lifestyle & identity…

Transitioning to life with a new baby definitely has it’s emotional push and pulls; feelings of satisfaction and love mixed with feelings of apprehension about this new life, role and yourself in the midst of it all.

The reality is that all this is going whilst we often don’t have the time or space to process or express these monumental changes we’re feeling.

Our work has always seen birth as the start of a new journey that requires as much (if not more) support, nurturing & information as birth but is often emotionally neglected as the focus becomes on activities with and for our babies.

Knowing first hand how important emotional wellbeing for parents is, we run a monthly facilitated meet-up, that offer you the chance to explore the topics that really matter in  parenthood and take a much needed moment to pause and reconnect  with yourself through short mindful relaxations included in the session.

The sessions are held at The Lakes Cafe, South Norwood Lakes and are £3 per session (cash or card on the day), if you’d like to find out more get in touch

  • 10th Feb, 1pm | Relationships
  • 9th March | Emotional Load
  • 20th April | Identity

We won’t bombard you, we’ll send you post-birth info and news about our meet-ups every two weeks

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