Your wellbeing in this is so important, as a parent you’re at the centre of your families experience so keeping yourself topped up helps others.  We support those looking to resolve their birth experience and all parents to connect and share about the important topics that often get pushed to the background.

Birth Therapy

1:1 sessions in Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy to support you in understanding, processing and moving forward after birth trauma or loss.

If you’ve experienced a difficult birth, fertility challenges or loss directly or indirectly, the emotional echoes can linger and leave a shadow over the next stage.

Monthly Parents Meet-Ups

Having your baby isn’t the end, in fact it’s a new beginning. Life with a new baby can be a full, exciting, exhausting and emotionally ambivalent time as much changes and there is little time to process.

Our monthly meet-ups give you a chance to talk to other parents about the topics that matter in a supportive and open environment.

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