Real Birth Project Workbook


As you journey through pregnancy, our downloadable editable 60 page workbook gives you information, evidence based choices & unique worksheets to consider YOUR needs you and your partner can work through to find out what your birthing needs are and planning for them.

The workbook includes chapters on:

  • Fillable birth preferences template
  • 15 worksheets to consider your needs
  • Hypnobirthing toolkit including affirmations
  • Birth positions & Massage
  • Your birth space
  • What’s going on during birth
  • Birth Partners
  • Your emotional journey
  • After birth

Download and print or fill in electronically. This workbook covers your emotional and physical needs for birth plus resources and templates to get you to consider YOUR needs in birth.

Every birth is unique, be at the heart of your experience and consider your emotional journey as well as your physical.


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