PRUH London Birth Centre Hypnobirth First Baby Realistic & Positive Birth Story

Baby arrived weighing 8lb 3oz and measuring 50cm.
I can’t describe how grateful we are for your help and guidance, which transformed our experience into something that was tough, but definitely positive!
After a show earlier in the day, my surges started at 5pm on Tuesday and were really regular from the start.  Keith went to bed to rest that first night, and I got through with the hypno techniques, TENS machine and help from the cat!  The next day we held out as long as we could at home, but as my pain was all in my bottom we decided to go to hospital and get checked.  The good news was that I’d dilated 5cm by then, so we stayed (from Wednesday lunchtime) – in the birthing centre at the PRUH.
It all carried on going so well, with fantastic midwife support for our approach.  But exhaustion, lack of food/fluid and patchy pressure on my cervix meant I’d really slowed by the early hours of Thursday.  I agreed to having my waters broken, but found the result unmanageable so the story ended on labour ward with syntocinon, an epidural and an episiotomy!
Despite that though, baby’s birth felt like something we did together and mostly controlled.  He’s doing so well and we’re absolutely over the moon (even if completely sleep-deprived). Feeding has taken work, but is going really well now – by Day 5 he only dropped down to 7lb 15oz from his 8lb 3oz at birth.
So thank you – I feel like I’ve come so far from my initial fears about birth and concerns about how it would be at the hospital.  And I can even imagine giving it another go – one day!
For now though, we’re just riding the newborn rollercoaster and looking forward to all the adventures we’ll have with him.

Tranquil Birth Hypnobirthing classes and Birth Trauma Resolution taught by Sakina Ballard; KG Hypnobirthing Teacher, Positive Birth Movement Facilitator.  Group classes in Croydon, Crystal Palace and South Norwood. Private 1:1 courses and sessions in South London and surrounds; including Beckenham, Forest Hill, Addiscombe, Clapham, Sydenham, Bromley, West Wickham, Shirley, Selhurt, Dulwich and Gupsy Hill

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