Yumi’s Real Birth Story| Birthing During COVID Pandemic

This is Yumi’s Real Birth Story of birthing during the COVID Pandemic.

Yumi birthed her first happy in hospital, after initially planning a homebirth and finding this service cancelled due to COVID-19.

My top tips :- Remain calm. There is a lot of scenarios that would throw your birth plan out of the window during this uncertain time – I would honestly say think of your worst case scenario for you and prepare yourself for that… I didn’t. It seems extreme but it really is strange times out there at the moment for anyone needing to head to hospital. My worse case was Matt not being by my side and unfortunately that happened & as I had not mentally prepared – it really left me traumatised when me and baby were unwell and had to look after ourselves in hospital. It sent my anxiety through the roof. 

What I’m most proud of:– In the moment, I did not care how, where baby would arrive. I was in pure warrior mode despite all my mishaps in labour and remained extremely calm for my husband and baby. I wanted to not worry them and felt this unbelievable sense of power and strength all due to my mindfulness & inner motherhood instincts that kicks in. I have previously suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and not once did I let these enter my head space. However due to coronavirus pre labour I had let anxiety in which is why I believe my birth ended up the way it did. I did not relax, resulting in a very tense labour. It’s in the science – a tense body & mind results in a medicalised / tense labour. I’m so proud that I didn’t let it in the anxiety- in the heat of it all so that I could look after baby & That I am most proud of. 


I would change:- my mindset prior to labour, I know it’s hard with such unprecedented times. I really feel my anxiety surrounding this time made my labour follow a medicalised & traumatic route. I cannot thank the NHS, the incredible midwives enough for looking after me & baby during our time in hospital. 


What helped me:– hypnobirthing tools & mindfulness. What I noticed that after my husband left the hospital & like all other mothers on the ward – the panic crept in. What I soon realised is Most of all your inner strength and natural instinct to nurse and love your baby is so overpowering that for those few days in hospital alone just us two, I got to learn my babies ways, cuddle him, provide him with the needed love and calm which resulted in him giving that back to me. A truly turning moment for me when I realised this is motherhood! The outside world left me and I completely focused inward and on baby. This really helped me forget my worries. Also trust your instincts – always question the drugs / the care you are being given. You know your body and what it needs and what your baby needs. 

Lastly I would like to add. Although times seem frightening now. Focus inward. Focus on your baby or pending arrival and that’s where all your focus needs to be. I really recommend setting up a self care regime for after labour too – yes baby needs you – but you need some YOU time too – baths, showers, nice cosmetics, facial regime and a good book for those times you can’t sleep when baby sleeps. All will be well.. well done to all you Warrior Mummas!!!  ❤️

Big thanks Yumi for sharing your wisdom with us.

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